Are you getting what you want from land? Policy options for competing demands on soil functions.

20.10.2016 Bruxelles, Belgium

RATIONALE: to communicate the ambition of the LANDMARK project to EU policy stakeholders and associated interested parties and to assess what are the grand challenges faced by EU policy into the future.

The Landmark project team organized past Thursday 20th October 2016 from 9.00 to 16.00 an interactive workshop consultation for EU stakeholders on existing knowledge and requirements on land and soil across Europe. The workshop was host on the premises of COPA-COGECA, Rue de Treves 61, Brussels, Belgium. This was the final event in a series of 32 workshops held in five EU LANDMARK partners countries between 2015 and 2016.


This workshop relied on the work is done by several working groups: the team of WP1 Stakeholder engagement: Harvesting existing knowledge ( by APCA, AGES, TEAGASC, CALS, UCPH), the team of WP4 Functional Land Management ( by UA) and the Pillar 3 team working at EU scale led by EC JRC.

Organizing committee:

  • ARWYN JONES (EC JRC) Pillar 3 leader
  • RACHEL CREAMER (WUR) coordinator of the project, Pillar 2 leader and also ran four workshops in Ireland
  • SYLVAIN STUREL (APCA) & FRANCESCA BAMPA (WUR) who coordinated the 32 workshops and ran 12 workshops in France
  • JAN STAES (UA) WP4 Leader & DIRK VREBOS (UA) Pillar 3 postdoc
  • Task leaders involved in scoping each soil function: JAAP SCHRODER (WUR) for nutrient cycling, MICHIEL RUTGERS (RIVM) for habitat and biodiversity, TARU SANDÉN (AGES) for primary production and who run the six Austrian workshops, DAVID WALL (TEAGASC) for water purification and regulation, MARIE BENOIT (former UNILASALLE-ESITPA) for habitat and biodiversity.

COPA-COGECA is one of the organizations within the LANDMARK Stakeholder Steering Committee and offered to host this workshop at his office facilities in Brussels.

The INVITATION LETTERs was sent beginning of September 2016 to 400 appointed selected stakeholder experts.

FINAL AGENDA available here and FINAL REPORT here.

Workshop flier available here


  • IntroductionArwyn Jones, European Commission JRC
  • Welcome by our host, Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General of COPA-COGECA
  • Introduction to the LANDMARK Project, Rachel Creamer, Wageningen University
  • Functional land management scenarios, Jan Staes, Antwerp University
  • Championing soil functions:
  • primary productivity, Taru Sanden (AGES)
  • nutrient cycling, Jaap Schroeder (WUR)
  • water purification & regulation, David Wall (TEAGASC)
  • carbon sequestration and climate regulation, Rachel Creamer (WUR)
  • habitat and biodiversity, Michiel Rutgers (RIVM)
  • EU present and future policy perspectives on soil functions:
  • MAES-Soil Pilot, Jacques DELSALLE (ENV)
  • Soil management in the Common Agricultural Policy, Annette SCHNEEGANS (AGRI)
  • Europe’s transition to a low emission economy – the Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) climate policy framework , Simon KAY (CLIMA)
  • Soil-water interaction, Jacques DELSALLE (ENV)
  • Farmers’ and cooperatives perspective on European soil policy issues, Liisa PIETOLA (COPA-COGECA)
  • Soil from the land managers’ point of view, Julianna NAGY (European Land Owners)


More info can be found in the Final report and in the Stakeholders online platform.