Water reaching the ground from rainfall, snow and hail.

Nr Environmental Zone Main locations and characteristics
1 Alpine North (ALN) Scandinavian mountains
2 Alpine South (ALS) The high mountains of central and southern Europe
3 Atlantic North (ATN) NW Europe; under influence of the Atlantic ocean and the North sea
4 Atlantic Central (ATC)  Western Europe, moderate climate
5 Boreal (BOR)  The lowlands of Scandinavia
6 Continental (CON)  Central Europe; warm summers and cold winters
7 Lusitanean (LUS)  The southern Atlantic area; warm summers and mild winters
8 Mediterranean North (MDN)  Mediterranean north, with Cork Oak, fruit plantations and Olive groves
9 Mediterranean Mountains (MDM) Mediterranean mountains, influenced by Mediterranean and mountains
10 Mediterranean South (MDS)  Typical Mediterranean climate; mild winter and hot, dry summers
11 Nemoral (NEM)  Southern Scandinavia, Baltic states and Belarus
12 Pannonian (PAN)  Part of Europe with steppes; cold winters and dry hot summers.
13 Anatolian (ANA)  The steppes of Turkey, a Mediterranean environment with steppes