The LANDMARK Roundtable 6 was hosted by Prof Cristina Menta (UNIPARMA) and her colleagues Prof. Giovanna Visioli, Dr Fabio Gatti and Dr Beatrice Bonati and took place in the S. Elisabetta Congress Centre, University of Parma campus, Parco Area delle Scienze 181, Parma, Italy on the 23rd-25th of October 2017.

In this occasion, LANDMARK welcomed for the third time the Stakeholder Steering Committee members that assessed and steered the activities done so far by the Consortium.

On Day 1 the colleagues of  the  Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, University of Parma organized with the help of  Emilia-Romagna region colleagues a field visit at:

The group visited the permanent grasslands for Parmesan production and with the help of soil pits, detailed collected information on soil analysis  ( chemical, physical and thanks to UNIPR microbiological)  and the presence of the farmers, the group tested for the first time the soil navigator.

The two farms are involved in  EIP-AGRI Operational Groups projects, worth to mention the OG PRATI_CO coordinated by Carla Scotti (ITER) that helped on the day and presented the project at the Consortium.

More info here

Photo group here and in the field here.

A special thanks for the field organisation to:

Dr. Staffilani Francesca Emilia-Romagna Region
Dr. Paola Tarocco Emilia-Romagna Region
Dr. Carla Scotti ITER
Dr. Ciro Gardi EFSA
Dr. Fabio Gatti UNIPR
Dr. Carlos Lozano Fondon UNIPR
Dr Mariachiara Rosace UNIPR
Dr. Sara Remelli UNIPR
Mr. Umberto Beltrami Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano La Culla
Mr. Ugo Scalabrini Scalabrini farm
Mr. Carlo Burini Carcarena farm