Organization :



former WP1.2 and WP3 contributor from 05/2015 to 09/2016

Curriculum vitae :

Christian Longueval graduated as an agricultural engineer at Montpellier SupAgro and he also has a Master in pedology at the University of Sciences and techniques of Languedoc. He is currently head of the agronomy and environment department of the Chamber of Agriculture of Midi-Pyrénées region. His areas of expertise are agronomy, arable crops, environment and soils, especially soil conservation and fighting erosion.

Key tasks in LANDMARK

  • strong involvement in WP 01 (stakeholders’ needs)
  • strong involvement in the tasks “soil management toolkit” and “on-farm evaluation” within WP 05
  • back up scientists by field practice: involvement in WP 03 (feasibility of indicators proposed by the researchers, of the sampling protocol, field constraints to be taken into account, etc.), as well as in WP 04 and 05 (feasibility of the proposed policy framework and of monitoring schemes for soil functions)