Organization :



Data collector in WP2 and research assistant in WP3 regarding biodiversity issues

Curriculum vitae :
Department of Life Sciences, University of Parma, Parco Area delle Scienze 11/A, 43124 Parma, Italy
0039 339 7896495)

Naturalist with expertise in soil biological community, since I’ve been working on Soil Biology Quality Index (from Parisi, 2001), focusing on moss living microinvertebrates (Tardigrades, Rotifers and Nematodes) before graduating in 2002. I have been studying Nematodes, since 2003 within my Ph.D., from an ecological and taxonomical point of view, taking part to researches both on fresh water and soil nematodes.

I have been working since 2005 on fresh water ecosystems within Environmental Impact Assessment procedures.

I’m cooperating from 2013 with Parma university (Soil Biology Laboratory with Dr. Cristina Menta) on soil biological quality issues, working mostly on Maturity Index (from Bongers,1990) and on soil mesoinvertebrates.

Key tasks in LANDMARK

Fabio Gatti will be responsible for the delivery of :

  • Data collection and preliminary processing in WP2
  • Participation in WP3 activities