Organization :



Pillar 1 postdoc

Curriculum vitae :

Bhim Bahadur Ghaley has a background in molecular plant breeding and agronomy and has extensive experience in field trial planning and execution, agronomy/field crop production, nutrient uptake and utilization, 15N stable isotope use, cultivar screening for pest and disease, molecular plant breeding, crop and soil process modelling, soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics, ecosystem service quantification and valuation, ecological stoichiometry, value chain analysis, energy synthesis and multivariate modelling in ArcGIS.

Key tasks in LANDMARK

His project task will consists of a) modelling genotype, environment and management modelling for formulation of tool kit for land management, b) work on indicators of carbon sequestration and c) support Pillar 1 leader to synthesize outcomes from different work packages to contribute to the development of toolkit for land management.

  • Contribution to WP3; Task 5.4
  • WP5 Pillar I PostDoc