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Component UNIPR, University of Parma

Department of Life Sciences, Parco Area delle Scienze 11/a, University of Parma, Italy

Dr. Giovanna Visioli is a biologist working at the Department of Life Sciences, University of Parma who has got her Ph.D in Agronomic Genetics and she worked as a plant biologist for the last 20 years. Her main fields of expertise are the study of interactions between higher plants (and soil microorganisms) and soil pollutants with different aims: i) to evaluate the damages exerted by soil pollution on plants, at toxic and genotoxic levels; ii) to study at molecular level the capacity of plants (and microorganism) in destroying or inactivating pollutants to remediation of polluted soils and iii) to analyse the higher plant biodiversity by means of molecular markers targeted to sequences involved in eco geographic and soil adaptation as a tool for natural resources conservation.

Key tasks in LANDMARK

Giovanna Visioli is contributing to:

  • WP2
  • WP3.5 biodiversity soil function