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Task3.1 & 3.5 contributor

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Peter de Ruiter is a theoretical ecologist. He developed a modelling framework that derives ecosystem functioning and services from the structure and composition of biological communities. Based on population sizes, life-history traits and energy conversion efficiencies this modelling provides an explicit link between the feeding, and processing of food in soil food webs, and soil ecosystem processes, especially carbon sequestration and nutrient cycling. The modelling also provides a way to link biological diversity ecosystem stability. Both types of analyses have attracted attention from the field of environmental sciences, as it provides ways to understand how species and communities will respond to environmentally important processes like carbon sequestration and nutrient cycling, and it also contributes to our understanding of how biological communities may respond to environmental change and disturbance.

Key tasks in LANDMARK

  • Task 3.1 modelling contributor
  • Task 3.5 soil biodiversity contributor