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WP3 PhD student

Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School, Jamova cesta 39, SI-1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 1 477 3143

Actual PhD student/TEAGASC Walsh Fellowship on Information and Communication Technologies at Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School. My research interests are based on topic: “Machine Learning and Soil Functions”.

Working experience:

  • EU FORTISSIMO project on Experiment 3.This experiment’s objective was to create a model to simulate and calculate the micro-macro mechanical properties of the composite structure.
  • Software developer at Severstal MES project and Mikrosam AFP/ATL machine project

Specialties: MATLAB, C++, Delphi, PL/SQL, Java

Key tasks in LANDMARK

Stevanche Nikoloski will be responsible for tasks within WP3:

  • Creation of models for assessing soil functions.
  • Applying novel data-mining in soil function assessment for LANDMARK project purpose.
  • Data management and Data use policy