Organization :



WP1 leader

Curriculum vitae :
Chambres d'agriculture France (APCA), 9 avenue George V , Paris, France

After having graduated as an agricultural engineer at AgroParisTech in 2004 (Master’s level), Sylvain Sturel coordinated teams of agricultural and rural advisers in Central Africa and South-East Asia for seven years. Since 2003, he has been in charge of European projects and international cooperation for the French Chambers of Agriculture. These projects deal with the capacity building of farmers and advisers on various topics like farm business management, innovation on farms, developing products with high added-value, reducing the use of pesticides etc.

Key tasks in LANDMARK

  • WP1 leader
  • WP1 Task 1.2 coordinator on stakeholder engagement within WP1
  • Coordinating the involvement of soil and agronomy specialists from APCA, ESITPA and regional and district Chambers of Agriculture (Work Packages 1, 2, 3 and 5) and providing administrative back-up to colleagues if necessary
  • WP4 contributor  (point of view of farmers’ representatives)
  • WP5 contributor
  • Roundtable 2 host
  • EU stakeholder workshop organizer
  • Disseminating the outcomes of the LANDMARK project by using our regional, national and European networks, especially chambers’ of agriculture, agricultural extension services or farmers’ organizations in other European countries.