Description of organisation

The Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (CALS) is an agricultural administration and advisory institution in Lower Saxony working in the fields of agriculture, horticulture and forestry. The tasks are wide-ranging, including official appraisals, advice, research and professional training (agriculture, horticulture, forestry, dairy, farm and household economics, agro-tourism). The CALS is an independent, self-governed legal entity of public law and, commissioned by the federal State of Lower Saxony, responsible for compliance with more than 50 laws, regulations and funding programmes. To put the concept of self-government into daily practice the head offices and honorary office (elected representatives of professions and full-time professionals) work closely together. The highest decision-making body of the Chamber is the Chamber Assembly, which is reconstituted every six years. The Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony employs about 2,500 members of staff, consisting of a wide range of experts, thus ensuring a high level of professional and multi-disciplinary competence (e. g., agronomists, foresters, geologists, geographers, biologists, legal experts and architects). The employees are located around Lower Saxony working in six departments (administration, subsidy programmes, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, LUFA Nord-West) at the head offices in Oldenburg and Hannover and in more than 26 agencies around Lower Saxony.

Description of the unit participating in LANDMARK

The Department of Sustainable Land Use, Rural Development, PMO and GIS (D 3.12) is responsible for many land use related topics, e.g., rural development, emission assessment (building law), fertilisation, nutrient cycling, and the protection of climate, nature, water, and soil. Official appraisals, surveys, research and advisory service to the agricultural sector are supplemented by national and international project work. In addition, the D 3.12 is responsible for the implementation of the Federal Soil Protection Law, the legislations on waste disposal and fertilisation and is in charge of the official reporting on organic fertiliser. With the LUFA Nord-West the department has a competent partner in the field of soil, water, plant, and fodder analyses.

Members of the team :