Our Pillar 3 Leader Arwyn Jones  and our Task 3.3 leader David Wall (TEAGASC) attended the  Eionet NRC Soil meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark organised by EEA colleagues and especially our Stakeholder Steering Committee member Rainer Baritz the 23rd-24th of January 2018.

Arwyn Jones gave an overview of the LANDMARK project activities until month 33 and especially a presentation about Pillar 2 – Monitoring Soil Quality on Soil Functions and the open access paper  GAP ASSESSMENT IN CURRENT SOIL MONITORING NETWORKS ACROSS EUROPE FOR MEASURING SOIL FUNCTIONS

More info on: https://forum.eionet.europa.eu/nrc-soil/library/nrc-soil-workshops/nrc-soil-meeting-copenhagen-23-24-january-2018