On the 17–21st of June 2018 there will be the III Ecology of Soil Microorganisms conference 2018 – Digging deeper in Hall of Culture, Helsinki, Finland.

Our project coordinator and Pillar 2 leader Rachel Creamer (WUR) and our partner Taru Sanden (AGES) will be giving oral presentations. See https://www.lyyti.fi/p/ESM2018_9358/en/program

Topics of discussion will be: carbon and nutrient cycling, decomposition, interactions of organisms, priming, climate/environmental change, microbial diversity and functions in all ecosystems, and particularly in the arctic and peatlands.

1. Ecology of microbial taxa
2. Interactions of microorganisms with other organisms
3. Involvement of microorganisms in ecosystem functions
4. Microbes in the changing environment
5. Applied microbial ecology
6. Environmental microbiome and human health
7. Modeling of microbial ecosystem services
8. New methodological approaches
9. Tea bag index
10. Sustainable soil use and quality indicators

More info here  www.luke.fi/esm2018