UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA University of Seville


Description of organisation

The University of Seville was established in 1505 and it is one of the oldest and largest universities in Spain, with more than 70000 students and around 5000 researchers (around 4500 permanent teaching + research staff). Its total budget is greater than 450 mill € and the annual research budget is about 70 mill €, most from public-competitive grants, which results in more than 1500 JCR journal articles each year. Research in agriculture related field is of particular relevance in the university.

Description of the unit participating in LANDMARK

The Department of Agroforestry Science with 40 members develops research activity in different areas related to agriculture: soil fertility, agronomy, composting, pest, soil microbiology and plant diseases, plant breeding, horticulture, and animal science. The research output in the last years was above 50 international journal articles per year. The members involved in this project have a large expertise in studies on: (a) soil fertility; (b) nutrient dynamics and availability in soil, (c) interaction of nutrients with organic matter and microbial activity in soil. The department of Agroforestry Sciences and the Agricultural Research Service (SIA) of the University of Seville will provide all the experimental facilities required.

Members of the team :

Antonio Delgado
Antonio Delgado
participant in WP2 and 3