Ricardo Hauffe

Ricardo Hauffe is a master student at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and is studying Geo-Information Science. In August 2019, Ricardo began working as a student assistant for Landmark in the Soil Biology Group. Key tasks in Landmark maintaining landmark website graphic design for communication materials

MANGIN Pauline

Key tasks in LANDMARK During her summer internship in Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Pauline Mangin collaborated with the Pillar 1 team for the translations and recording of the video tutorial of the Soil Navigator in French.  

Marie Zwetsloot

Dr. Marie Zwetsloot is a postdoctoral researcher in the Soil Biology Group at Wageningen University. For her PhD research at Cornell University in the United States, she investigated how root-soil interactions influence belowground carbon cycles in managed and natural ecosystems under drought. During her Fulbright fellowship, she also investigated and published on recycling waste streams [...]

Carmen Vazquez Martin

Carmen Vazquez Martin studied Environmental Sciences in Spain and followed up with a Masters’ degree in Forest and nature conservation in Wageningen University. Currently She is working on a PhD in Soil biology at Wageningen University and Research  in the SQUASH project. The aim of the project is to use principles of ecology to develop and test a [...]

Vladimir Kuzmanovski

Dr. Vladimir Kuzmanovski is a research associate at the Department of Knowledge Technologies of the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI). His research is in the field of data mining and decision support systems and includes the study, developments and application of different data mining algorithms. His recent research activities include the development and application of AI [...]

Antonio Bispo

Head of the French soil survey and monitoring programmes since 1st of September 2017, Dr Bispo has a central role in the French soil information system, with a position of interface with French public policies. Key tasks in LANDMARK Task 2.2 leader in WP2: Data collection and harmonization from 01/09/2017

Ekatherina Vasquez Zambrano

Ekatherina is a former Agroforestry engineer. As part of my work experience, in 2014 I have worked in a Peruvian government budgetary programme in the National Institute for Agrarian Innovation (INIA), engaging small farmers in the market by strengthening their agronomic skills. In 2015 - 2016, I worked as an educational outreach coordinator and botany [...]

Apostolos Georgoulas

After having studied biology (Bachelor degree at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Master degree in Biology: Biodiversity, Conservation and Restoration at the University of Antwerp), Apostolos Georgoulas started the PhD studies in March 2018 at the Ecosystem Management Research Group of the Department of Biology at the University of Antwerp. He is profoundly interested [...]

Marijn Van de Broek

As a geographer, Marijn Van de Broek has a great interest in the interaction between humans and the Earth systems, with a special focus on biogeochemical cycles. After his studies, he worked as a scientific researcher at the Division of Geography at KU Leuven (Belgium) on the development of erosion and hydrological models. Later, he [...]

Luke John Schafer

Luke is originally from Australia and now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he completed a Master in Environmental Science. He now works at the University of Copenhagen as an academic assistant Key tasks in LANDMARK Luke Schafer will be responsible for the  delivery of : Co-Organisation of RT8 in Copenhagen Assisting Pillar 1 leader Christian Bugge [...]